Watching the BSU game is better with friends...and a party and a DJ and free everything. We invite you to board the party bus to Jackpot! Listen every day this week for a specific song in the noon hour.

Think of a friend you want to be around for 24 hours straight. Now that you have that person in mind, get your Bronco gear on and pack for an overnight trip to Jackpot and the Horseshu Saloon.

It's Cactus Pete's bus trip for two on October 10th - October 11th. BSU plays CSU. Watch the game, party, eat and possibly go home with more money than you came with.

To guarantee a spot on the bus for you and a friend, BUY YOUR TICKETS here for a super low price. Like, really low.

If you're looking for all free all the time, listen for "Drag Me Down"  One Direction on Friday in the noon hour. Caller 9 is put on the bus!


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