So I've never had to take Piccolo to the doctors office before and if you recall a couple of days ago, I was searching for Boise's best vet! After checking out all of your suggestions (and thanks for them, by the way), I decided to try out All Valley Animal Care Center right off of Eagle Road and Overland. They have a 24-Hour emergency room and when I was thinking about my cats health, I decided that if anything ever happened to her, I would want a place that knew her and her health history to be where we went.

So, off we went in Piccolo's brand new carrying case (she hated me for putting her in there) to All Valley. She's four years old and hasn't seen a vet since she was a kitten. I want to make sure she's getting annual check up's and attention from here on out--so  this will be our new Valentine's Day tradition together!

When I got to All Valley, their staff was super friendly and accommodating with their time (and mine) as I was running fashionably late to our appointment. We were taken back to the room where Pics would get her checkup and Dana did an awesome job of taking her temperature and heart rate.

Not to brag, but is this how parents feel? Everyone at All Valley told me that Piccolo was such a well behaved cat and gave them NO problems. Since she's four-years old and little overweight, I let them run some blood and urine tests to make sure she's in tip-top shape. You can see in the pictures above, Piccolo was totally calm while the vet staff did what they needed to do. It made me so proud! She's such a well behaved cat at home--it's good to know I've been raising her right!

Our vet was Dr. Jessica Loweth and as long as I'm in Boise, I plan on making sure Piccolo sees Dr. Loweth every single time she goes in. She was patient, helpful, and totally honest about everything. From the cost of blood work to questions on food quality, from ethical practices behind those foods being sold on shelves to dietary planning and beyond--she was able to answer every question I had about Piccolo.

Ok, I said it, I'm a crazy cat dad--but when you love your pet it can be a little scary letting someone take them away to poke and prod. Knowing that I could trust Dr. Loweth has--even hours after our appointment today--been beyond comforting. It's a great feeling knowing Pics was in great hands.

Strictly from personal experience, I'd highly recommend if you don't have a vet for your pet, that you call up Dr. Loweth at All Valley Animal Care Center.

As for Piccolo--she's back at home living her best life on a new and improved diet (and totally not looking forward to having a thermometer in her little cat butt ever again but, there's always next Valentine's day, Piccolo).

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