Holiday travel has begun. Whether you're traveling by air or taking a road trip, there are some things to plan ahead for this year that may slow you down quite a bit.


Let's start with travel by car. If you're heading home or it's your hear to pack up the fam (whomever that includes) and make your way to grandma's house, prepare yourself because Mother Nature will be pretty active. According to KTVB, we're going to see not only rain but snow in the next couple of days. Rain first, with freezing temps and then the addition of snow means underneath the gorgeous dusting is a sheet of ice. Be careful.



It's better to be safe than sorry so packing yourself a little in-car emergency kit isn't a bad idea. Just tuck it under one of the seats if you're feeling low on room.


If you're flying to your Thanksgiving location, here's the scoop:


That's quite a jump in travelers. That being said, the Boise airport suggests arriving 2 hours before flight departure.

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