Update: Shooting suspect has died. At 4 a.m. a man was pulled over in Kuna. The man shot at police and is now on the run. A description for the man has been released. 

Story has been updated at KTVB.com.


According to KTVB:

"For the most part, we team our guys up because they're after a guy who has already taken a shot at us," Kuna police said. "We consider him very dangerous."

Reed Elementary School has been closed by the Kuna School District. Students currently en route on the buses will be taken to Kuna High School instead, and can be picked up there.

The Kuna School District says that although no other schools in the area are closed, anyone living in the search area should listen to police warnings to stay indoors and not worry about getting their kids to school. Students will be allowed to make up any work they miss.

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