Earlier this afternoon, Boise police responded to reports of an armed individual in downtown Boise. According to Boise Police Department spokesperson, Hayley Williams, one caller reported that the individual in question was wearing camouflage gear with others reporting that he was armed. Boise Police responded to the scene and released the individual without incident. Boise Police released this statement on the call to Townsquare Media:

Around 12:30 pm Boise Police received reports of armed individual yelling and shouting in downtown Boise.  Officers continued to receive information from calling parties and quickly located the individual at 10th and Main. The subject immediately complied with officers and after an investigation officers determined there was no ongoing threat. There were no injuries and no arrests.

In a since-deleted post in the Facebook group, Treasure Valley Crime & Community, there was a bit of misinformation as to how the encounter went. BPD spokesperson, Hayley Williams clarified that the encounter went smoothly with the individual complying with officers and even putting their firearm down before laying down. Boise Police Department could not specify what type of firearm the individual was armed with.

“Officers made contact with the gentleman, and there were no arrests or citations,” said Williams. “He is a ‘second amendment enthusiast.’”

We’re happy to know that Boise Police responded so quickly and to know that there was no ill-intent. While the individual was apparently exercising his “constitutional rights”, we can understand why spectators began making calls to the police in paranoia. The deadly mall shooting that took place roughly four months ago is still relatively fresh in everyone’s minds.

Idaho law declares “a person does not have to have a concealed weapons license to carry or be in possession of a deadly weapon or firearm in the following circumstances”:

  • Any deadly weapon located in plain view;
  • Any lawfully possessed shotgun or rifle;
  • Any deadly weapon concealed in a motor vehicle;
  • A firearm that is not loaded and is secured in a case;
  • A firearm that is disassembled or permanently altered such that it is not readily operable; and
  • Any deadly weapon concealed by a person who is:
    • Over eighteen (18) years of age;
    • A citizen of the United States or a current member of the armed forces of the United States; and
    • Is not disqualified from being issued a license under Idaho Code § 18-3302(11)(b) – (n).

You can read more about Title 18 here.

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