A bill has passed the House over the weekend that would allow school district staff to conceal carry a gun on campus if they have an advanced conceal carry permit. It needs to pass the Senate committee before it can become law.

House Bill 122 states that a teacher or staff member with an Enhance Conceal Carry Permit would be able to conceal carry a firearm without repercussion. However, in order to do so that staff member must tell the principal, superintendent and the school board that they plan on doing so and show the paperwork that they do in fact have an advanced carry permit. They must keep that information confidential, it may not be in their staff personnel records. The only other people that will have the information is law enforcement with a photo of the school employee.

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Children and non-staff of the school board will still not be allowed to bring a firearm or weapon on school property. The school must also take down signage that states it is a gun free school.

It is also important to note that no action will be taken against the school, school district or employee should a claim arise. So it protects the school and the employee should something happen that was legal and not reckless.

Do you think this is something that should pass in Idaho?

People for the bill say it is a way to add an extra layer of protection to students in an active shooter situation. Those who disagree state it could cause more danger if a student got the gun or a teacher went off the rails.

You can read the full bill here.

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