Lots of drama unfolded online today and of course it had to do with the 'S-Word': SNOW.

While most went to sleep seeing cold yet fairly dry conditions outside, many woke up to a snowy surprise on their cars and doorsteps. Nearly 5 inches blanketed the Treasure Valley and as usual, kids rejoiced for not needing to go to school.

The excitement wasn't universal.

While Boise enjoyed a snow day, schools in Nampa were open for business and people were NOT happy about it! Believe it or not--not just students, but parents chimed in as well.

We have created a poll and want to know what you think: should Nampa have called a snow day???

Before we get to the poll...

Here's a closer look at how people were feeling in Nampa...

Drama Ensues In Nampa Surrounding No Snow Day

It's easy to say that tempers were flaring over the decision to keep schools open today--here's a look:

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

Do you think that that folks in Nampa had a point?

In a statement released this morning by the Nampa School District, the following evaluation and decision was shared:

Dear Nampa School District Families,
Despite varied storm impacts across the valley, we've decided to keep schools open today. As of our deadline this morning, the assessments of road conditions up to that time as well as considering the latest weather data we are confident in our ability to operate safely.
Obviously, this wasn't a popular decision!

Here's your chance to vote below--did Nampa miss the mark? Should it have been a snow day today!?

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