Imagine you’re hiking through the gorgeous Idaho mountains and all of a sudden you stumble onto a literal boneyard...

That’s what happened to Idaho Fish and Game Officers a few days ago at Craig Mountain in Lewiston, Idaho.

They reportedly found at least 15 elk heads and an innumerable number of other bones at the base of a very steep canyon.

Watch this initial discovery video filmed by IDFG Senior Wildlife Technician, Mark Shepard 👇

So, were these wildlife officials really just in the area? How did they find out about the elk?

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Idaho Fish & Game Finds "Elk Boneyard" on Craig Mountain

So, were these wildlife officials really just in the area? How did they find out about the elk?

According to the press release from a few days ago, the elk actually have GPS radio collars, and they can be tracked and monitored.

The press release explains...

“Idaho Fish and Game uses data from radio collars to get a better understanding of wildlife survivability. Data generated from the GPS collars give wildlife staff the ability to track where collared individuals are located, their movement patterns, and potentially where and, in some cases, how they die."

Idaho Fish and Game received a “mortality signal" from one of elk wearing a radio collar, and they were able to successfully track the elk and ultimately find out about the unfortunate events that transpired.

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