Perhaps you were downtown Boise over the weekend and noticed all of the commotion. Or, perhaps you're just a social media nerd that knows what's happening in town as soon as it goes live. Maybe you're just somewhere in the middle?

No matter who you are, if you're a regular on the streets of downtown Boise--you've probably noticed the change that took place on Idaho Street to one very popular, local bar and restaurant.

Known formerly as 'Western Proper'--this popular downtown Boise destination had been offering everything from food, drinks, beer, arcade games, and even miniature bowling. An extension of the popular local brewing brand, Western Collective, you would be hard pressed to find a weekend where Western Proper wasn't bumping with energy!

Now, after evaluating what was "missing" according to a post shared by the brand--Western Proper is no more and 'House of Western' has been born in downtown Boise!

Here's a look at some of the first images to emerge from the new 'brand' downtown Boise!

The Popular Downtown Boise Bar That's Revamping, Rebranding

Have a chance to check this spot out on Idaho Street, yet?

Have you made plans to visit House of Western yet?

In a post shared by House of Western, the following images were drawn up:

Everything is built to make your day or night more fun, be a little over the top, and enable you to have the experience you are looking for, whether that is by getting a cowboy hat margarita with a “Big Enough to Share” asada, shrimp, chicken, or carnitas platter that is big enough for you and multiple friends while bowling or playing games and watching some Boise State football or simply getting a beer and bomb burger and making it out the door for $12.50.
A few more super fun games were added, and the music will be more country inspired with artists such as Midland, Waylon Jennings, Paul Cauthen’s “Wild Man”, Taylor Swift breakup energy, with a mix of disco and pop. Less hip hop, more Austin & Nashville.

One of the first questions that came to mind when we were learning about this change was brunch and the world-famous cowboy hat mimosas. If you've been living under a rock--these cowboy hat mimosas were all of the range for brunch in downtown Boise and were enough to share with several friends in one sitting.

Let's extinguish your fears now: cowboy hat drinks will still be available at House of Western.

Taco Tuesday deals each week also have regulars excited.

Learn more, HERE.

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