Just like that, the internet rumors I have been seeing on Facebook and Twitter are true-- one of Boise's most popular "fancy night out" destinations is closed for business.

Or at least, so it seems.

Having grown up here in Boise, I've always known about Angell's Bar and Grill. I went there for homecoming with my group of friends once and, seeing as my parents made sure I knew that expensive dinners like that were on MY time, I remember signing away a huge chunk of my part-time job paycheck for the steak.

According to the Angell's website, they closed their doors, today, October 24th and the landing page notes that any future reservation holders will be contacted.  Just like that, it seems they're gone forever.  I went to look at their Facebook page for more answers and there, there is no sign of any closure. Their last post was 10 days ago.

The closure certainly doesn't affect my day to day dining, but it's never cool to see local business close. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for updates on the business.

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