I opened up the show this week with a news alert that went into great detail with tennis icon Serena Williams. Why is this news? Serena came out publicly and admitted to having Postpartum Emotions that has created a buzz topic among women.

This has been reminiscent of when I began the entire child abuse platform that I've been fighting for over the last 10 years. This is very similar in the way women have reacted and the emotional stir that it has created. Postpartum Depression is real and this week is showing off to just the beginning.

Let's think of all the abuse and domestic violence stories that have come to the forefront in the last two years. We've seen famous football coaches convicted of sleeping with kids, celebrities sexually harassing women and some very disturbing celebrity rape cases. These things are tragic and sometimes we need to hear about them so others can be helped.

In all my years coming in contact with suicidal listeners, victims, and survivors, they have taught me something valuable. These calls and stories do one very important thing. These moments announce to others going through a similar situation that THEY ARE NOT ALONE.

Do you know how powerful that small statement is? You are not alone. There's peace in those four words. There is hope. Relief. Women going through Postpartum Depression don't know what's happening. Rapper Cardi B just opened up with her way of expressing Postpartum Emotions after welcoming her new little baby. I for some reason hear this in her voice, "This Postpartum shit is annoying me like I've been emotional all day for no reason 😩😩."

Tennis star Serena Williams then started with this,

So powerful. Great message to moms and I truly believe that it sends a message that is so important, you are not alone. Remember this because I believe you are about to see a tsunami effect take place regarding Postpartum Depression. This was CNN's Poppi Harlow thanking Serena Williams.

I'm not a woman and only jokingly claim to know as much as I do. I cringe when taking off a bandaid and yet I've witnessed my wife push out our son during childbirth without a teardrop until she saw Lennox for the first time. I watched my mom stay strong for an entire family after my father passed because that in her mind - that was her job.

My ego allows me to stand aside and bow to all women. I envy them. I love them. I will never be able to comprehend this Postpartum Emotional Rollercoaster. Honestly, I'm not sure all women expect us to either. I will say we should try harder right? Yes. We SHOULD try harder.

It's 1:16 a.m. and I've been writing this for 2 hours. I have you on my mind trying to figure out a way to reach the moms who feel alone like Maria. This was my first call this week from a mom in the thick of Postpartum Depression.

I don't have the answers yet and I plan to get you some resources today. We have a baby appointment and I'll get as many resources as I can. In the meantime, here's a LINK for you to get as much as you can. Please send me any experiences that you have had because I think each scenario will help someone else. Women need to talk about it more and more importantly not feel like it's an off-limits topic. I hope in the upcoming weeks to assemble resources and an outlet for communication. In the meantime, we need to also educate our men. We have a lot of work to do.

Oh, about Maria. I received another call from a counselor offering free services. A small community is great because you get calls like this. Here's that call.

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