With Valentine’s Day around the corner, there has never been a better time for you to start planning on how you’ll pop the question in 2022. Sure, it sounds cliché but that’s exactly why it’s a good idea. Most people think, “This will never happen to me. It’s cliché. I’ll never get proposed to on Valentine’s Day.”

Then out of nowhere, you’re dropping to one knee in the ultimate mind-twist that your partner didn’t think could happen.

Depending on how you want to pop the question, one variable that remains consistent in it all is “where” it will happen. We put together a collection of places you can take your special someone to propose to on Valentine’s Day or maybe just later in 2022! Shoot, we’ll give you ways you can use to get your significant other in position for the proposal.

Get Down On One Knee This Valentine's Day at These Idaho Gems

Thinking of proposing soon? Get down on one knee at these Treasure Valley gems! We even throw in a "pre-posal pick-up line" you can use to get your special someone to the recommended spot! Yes, we just invented that. Let's get to it!

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Struggling to find a gift for that special lady? No worries, we got you! We took to Facebook to ask Idaho women what they really want for Valentine's Day!

Here's What Idaho Men REALLY Want for Valentine's Day

We went to Facebook to see what it is men really want for Valentine's Day and the comments did not disappoint! We're still laughing at Jeanette W.'s suggestion.

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