Yesterday, I wrote about the Nampa landmark that could be coming down. Nampa City Council was set to vote on the issue yesterday evening and after further discussion, they have decided to yield to the citizens of the city.

The issue at hand is the water tower pictured above that you've probably driven past time after time on Interstate 84.  Since it is aged and too small for the city to use any longer-- it's time to decide what to do with this thing.

The options are pretty simple: leave the tower up as a landmark and find an alternative for a larger tank, take the tower down and replace that space with a larger concrete tank, or refurbish the standing tank so that it's in better shape (but still too small for what the city should really have" .

Nampa Mayor Debbie Kling shared that several Nampa residents were sad to hear it could be going.  Now, the city is looking into the costs for repainting the tower, as well.

Read my original article on the water tower and the city's plans for it, HERE.

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