It seems that when it comes to things that are trendy, leave it to Krispy Kreme to be on ahead of the game.

When the solar eclipse happened just a couple of weeks ago, they were first to roll out some limited edition, eclipse donuts that couldn't be found anywhere else.  Now, it's on to pumpkin spice.

I floated the Boise River with some friends for the first time this summer, obviously a late time of the year to do so because of the high water levels earlier in the summer. While we are well into September now, I didn't even think about the season as it felt like mid July out on the river and I got away with a sunburn!

Believe it or not, yes--even with the heat--pumpkin spice is about to be a thing again and honestly, I totally approve. Pumpkin flavored things are the best!

For a VERY limited time, Friday September 8th only (that's this coming Friday), you can score a pumpkin spice doughnut from Krispy Kreme! Need directions to the location in our area? Just click HERE!

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