Race for The Cure was back Saturday splashing the street with Pink and no sign of rain to wash it away. Kekeluv was able to be everywhere and you'll be amazed by the stories and miles of more than just a color. I learned a lot and maybe you're somewhere in here.

Live for 175 (annual child abuse prevention event) is barely a week in the book and the next big thing just finished up, Race for The Cure. Coming off an emotional last week, launching a new morning show, catching up work wise and our son had a scope on Friday to check on internal problems we around Christmas.

Our son Lennox was rushed to the hospital by ambulance in the middle of the night due to an internal bleed back in December. This was so bad it's difficult to talk about and the flashbacks from his pale skin and that bleed haunt the crap out of me. Our surgeon requested a SCOPE on Friday because they really have no answers why it ever happened. So, Friday morning we sat by waiting for him to come out of it safely. He did. The results a bit blurry and still questions are keeping the St. Lukes team busy. However, his liver was clear and clean. That was BIG news. I tell you all this because there are a few different types of worlds that exists that put Race for The Cure in perspective. There's work that people in suits would assume you live to do 24/7 because it's expected. That world is selfish and thankless. Those people say they care, but really only CARE about themselves and their quotas.

The other world is REALITY. Cancer kills. One day you're walking down the street with your kids and the next you're kids are sitting by your side in the hospital hoping cancer doesn't take you. Nobody sits on their cancer bed wishing, "If I had only worked longer I could of been so much happier." I've never heard anyone saying, "The one thing I could take back if I beat this thing would be...spending all that time with my family. I'd work MORE."

We should all be thankful for life today. It's the most obvious neglection we see with blind eyes every day. Susan G. Comen's Race for The Cure is a reminder that cancer exists and let's celebrate the survivors. People walk and run to remember. Honor.

So, I won't be disappointed in my boss today that has me in the office on a Saturday when i should be with my family. Instead, I'll honor the men, women, children and businesses who stepped out today rocking the pink for someone else. This is to celebrate those solid pink shirts that scream "SURVIVOR!!" across Park Blvd. Everyday comes fast, hard and is unforgiving at times. it's up to us to slow it down, take a breath and recognize what's most important about it, Life itself.

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