I currently commute to Boise every morning from Nampa, and that drive takes me about 35 minutes.

The drive home can be over an hour long sometimes, depending on whether or not I beat the rush and what time I can actually get on the road. If I beat the rush, it’s about a 25-minute commute, and that doesn’t seem too bad.

But one thing is for sure, those commutes are often the worst parts of my day.

Traffic Stop And Go GIF

It got me thinking, how does my commute compare to other Idahoan's commutes in the Treasure Valley and surrounding areas? Stacker compiled a list of the Counties with the worst commutes in Idaho, where they ranked counties by the longest average commute times in 2019.

They said, “Commuting easily ranks as one of the least enjoyable parts of a person's day. Commuters encounter more physical health problems, and low-income commuters are less likely to gain financial stability—among a host of other negative impacts. And yet, America’s commutes keep getting longer as people move farther away from the office, according to census data.”

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