The Ring Cameras have taken over but did you know they serve as more than just a doorbell or a security camera? The Ring App has become a local community to talk about crime and more! From lost dogs to car break-ins, the ring camera has caught it all and Boise is buzzing about it.

There has been a series of car break-ins and vandalizations in the area and the only place it is being talked about is on the Ring App. Locals are going crazy about this, trying to bring attention to this terribly growing issue.

Most people on the app are convinced they know who it is with talks of an all-gold minivan that has been driving around committing these crimes. They even have a suspected plate number.

Here's what's being said:

What The People of Boise Think About The Car Vandalizer

Boise residents build a united front on the Ring app.

The Boise residents are scrambling to check all of their Ring footage to see if they can find a glimpse of anything that the police can use to stop this guy who is day by day continuing to break into vehicles. The initial post even says that they have already started collecting videos and they just need all of the help they can get. He seems to even be escalating by throwing rocks at windows and stealing toys from the inside of the cars.

Despite all of this the Ring app is pulling together the community as they build a united front against this criminal and attempt to start a case that can get this guy to stop for good.

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