Having grown up in Nampa, I'm more familiar with the Karcher Mall than most. Now, you could argue that after recent history that may be nothing to brag about. The Karcher Mall, however, is home to a whole lot of really great childhood memories and seeing that some effort is being put into that facility, for me, is exciting! When I was a kid, I remember going to "The Bon Marche" with my mom-- yeah, LONG before Macy's took over. My grandparents would go there to walk up and down the rows and I spent a lot of time with my grandma as a kid, so we'd walk up and down and all over. I can literally SMELL the aromas of the old pretzel shop with the neon pink signage and I can hear the birds chirping from that old school pet shop (it smelled horrible)!

What I didn't know was that the Karcher Mall was Idaho's first indoor shopping mall! Now, after 54 years, it's getting some new renovations. The Mayor of Nampa, Debbie Kling has said that the renovations will help with making that part of Nampa more livable--providing shopping options, eating options, and more.

The new name of the shopping center will be the Karcher Marketplace.


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