The House is in session, and some of our most controversial laws are being discussed and passed. We've already heard about the potential legalization of CBD oil for medicinal purposes. We've talked about Bill's 551 and 553 which would raise the penalty for first time DUI offenders. And ticketing breastfeeding mothers with indecent exposure may soon be a thing of the past with Bill HB 448.

All of which seem like progress in a self-described "staunch" state. But a bill that isn't being discussed or getting much attention is House Bill 583.

House Bill 583 would represent a massive change to Idaho's landlord-tenant laws in the history of the state.

A post by Reddit user CheapskateShow claims that the bill would "impose oppressive conditions on Idaho's residential and commercial renters to benefit out-of-state landlords."

If the bill passes, evictions could happen much quicker and could also be more profitable to the landlord. The tenant wouldn't necessarily know why they are being evicted untill they are out of the residence. Also, if any criminal act was committed on the property (whether or not the tenant was responsible for the crime) could be cause for eviction. This may discourage victims from calling the police.

The bill also requires tenants to be 100% compliant with their lease to have hazardous conditions fixed on the property. Meaning a family could be left without heat because of a minor infraction such as a noise complaint.

There's still a heated debate going on about this bill, and it's not too late to make your voice heard. Call your local representative.

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