Pictured above: a photo that Requiem Haunted House so kindly snuck of me getting scared and probably wetting myself a little...

That's right, as we experience these hot summer temperatures, the time for haunted houses and attractions is just around the corner. The team over at Requiem is out working hard to make sure their spooks and scares are all ready for you this fall--but along with fine tuning the house, they'll need some scary people! Not scary? Well...if you like scaring people, that can work too!

Requiem Haunted House in Caldwell never disappoints and I'm always impressed with how well they're staffed and able to get you to jump, scream...pee? If you've ever thought you could "do a better job" at a haunted house when you've left one in the past or if you just love dressing up--the haunt is looking for some people to help them out this year.

YES, positions are paid and you can get in on the casting call THIS SATURDAY!  From 10:00 a.m. until 12 noon, you can show requiem what you've got and learn more about what it is their looking for. Sounds like an awesome seasonal job to me!

For more details, check out their Facebook event, HERE.


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