In a press release relayed on August 5, Boise State University (BSU) announced that the Broncos will sport the first all-black combination since 2012.

The new uniforms are a collaborative effort with Nike.

"The new alternate uniform design was a collaboration with Nike that began in the summer of 2017," the press release says."...and includes the current theme of two stripes on the shoulder, symbolic of speed and power. The stripes and lettering are a reflective dark gray to accent the black, and the jersey numbers are outlined in blue."

However, one thing remains the same, as the collar of the uniform remains blue with the words Blue Collar printed on the inside of the back of the collar.

Will the all-black uniforms be the good luck charm the Gem State hopes for? We'll find out on Sept. 20, when the Broncos black out Albertsons Stadium against Air Force.

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