Rihanna may be doing more than just smoking weed these days. The Bajan beauty's fans and critics are accusing the singer of sniffing cocaine in a video that is circulating around the internet.

In the clip, which showcases her best friend Melissa Forde and her cousin Leandra dancing to reggae, the "Bitch Better Have My Money" singer is seated at a table. She appears to be busy with a task in front of her, though it isn't clear what she's actually doing. Being the weed smoker that she is, it's possible she's rolling a blunt, but the folks on Twitter believe otherwise.

"They caught Rihanna doing coke on a video," one Twitter user wrote. "IDK why Rihanna snorting coke is such a surprise to everyone. Calm down," wrote another.

Others decided to support the R8 creator's decision if she is in fact doing coke rather than bash her. "I support Rihanna doing coke, and yes I would love to do coke with you," a fan tweeted.

Some supporters didn't seem too fazed by the idea that the pop princess could be doing hard drugs. "I wouldn't be surprised if Rihanna does coke," another fan tweeted. "I mean so does everyone else in Hollywood."

By the looks of it, many social media enthusiasts believe the 26-year-old was sniffing cocaine. Those who believe otherwise seem to be in the minority -- at least for now.

Will Rihanna address the accusations? Take a look at the video above for yourself and read what fans have to say about her alleged illegal activity below.

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