Do you remember last winter? Ok--too soon. Do you remember the END of last winter, when the greenbelt was flooded all over town and floating the river was next to impossible? Yeah, that was no fun. One of my favorite summer activities is floating the Boise river and because of the very very late opening day, I was only able to float once.

Of course, without the intense winter that we had last year, this year--the river will certainly be open earlier and longer this summer. First, water levels need to be regulated and made safe and in order to do that--more water needs to be released into the river.

This said, it's happening! Starting tomorrow, the Boise River levels will be going UP and with reservoirs sitting at about 80% capacity, it's time to release some of that water. While you will definitely notice an increase in water flow, it's important to remember: this does NOT mean the river is "floatable".

We'll keep you posted as those dates are announced but for now-- yes, we're getting closer to opening up that river and it can't come soon enough!

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