Attention travelers (or those that don't travel enough because flights just aren't that cheap)! Southwest Airlines has brought back an extremely popular sale on their fares that you're definitely going to want to check out.

It only happens twice a year, but Southwests flights (round trip) to select destinations can get as low as $90! Having spent time working and going to school in Spokane, Washington this is exciting for me. I'm able to book a one-way flight to Spokane from Boise for just $44!  That's nearly cheaper than a full tank of gas and the 6-hour drive to eastern Washington.

The only real "limitation" to this sale is that you must book to travel between August 22 and December 13.  When I was in college, the semester typically ended around December 13th so I was able to get in on a great price to come home for Christmas.

Other notable flight prices from Boise with this sale include San Diego for $64 one-way and Las Vegas for $89.

For the complete article on the fare sale, click HERE.

To get right to the flights, you can see all of the special prices on Southwest HERE.

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