I've never had bad luck finding affordable air fares on Southwest Airlines, however the special they have going on cannot be beat! Twice a year, every year, Southwest kicks off a 72 hour sale that feature one-way flights for as low as $49 each way. That is, for some, cheaper than a tank of gas!

Well, if you're looking to book some flights, now may be a great time to check out as we are in the LAST 24 hours of this big sale. Dates covered in this travel sale include those between October 31st until December 19th and from January 3rd through February 14th.

This always timed out well for me while I was studying at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington-- one of the $49 routes. I recently took a weekend flight up to Spokane to visit some old friends and this $49 fare made that possible. I booked the trip in advance and it was great.

If you're like me and you sign up for loyalty programs or frequent flier miles but it seems like you never have enough to redeem...this sale could be for you as well. Not only are prices low in terms of cash, but they are in terms of points as well!

To check out this sale and book fights of your own or maybe even for a family member out of an airport that Southwest can be found in, click HERE.

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