Two runoff elections were in progress on Tuesday, December 3rd-- one in Boise for the Office of Mayor and another in Caldwell for a City Council Seat.

For the first time in decades, Boise faced a runoff election for Mayor after the November polling date. Long standing Mayor, Dave Bieter and Lauren McLean were fighting for the seat just four weeks ago when neither candidate received 50 percent plus ONE vote to win. This caused a runoff which over the past few weeks has felt quite hostile. Both the Bieter and McLean camps set out to state what made them different--the better choice for Mayor--and the results after this evening were clear: McLean won loud and clear with 65% of the votes. Dave Bieter, who has been Mayor in Boise since 2004 called to concede Tuesday evening and now says they'll begin to celebrate the growth and success that the City of Boise has seen under him thus far.

In Caldwell, a dramatic runoff election over City Council Seat #6 brought in only a total of 3,000 votes. The candidates were Evangeline Beecher and disgraced, former State Senator John McGee. Mcgee won 60% of the votes in this runoff election and despite the victory is sure to be a controversial official after multiple sexual harassment accusations and drunk driving on his record-- all things which on a National level, have been reason for politicians to step down. 

With both runoff elections now closed and solved, McLean and McGee will both prepare to take charge in their respective roles over the next few weeks.

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