Have you ever "warned" your ex's new girlfriend/boyfriend of things you think they need to know? I saw a girl set the record straight about her ex's finances on his dating profile. 

This is what started my way of thinking:



The second I saw this tweet, I immediately asked everyone around me. I asked Mateo at Night, I asked Michelle Heart, I asked our production guy Mark Long and then I asked basically everyone I ran in to for the rest of the day.

Every. Single. Person had an answer. I'm not about to out Michelle (there's a sisterhood - girls, we know we don't rat out our girls). Mateo went on to Facebook and messaged all the guys his girl was talking to. He wasn't about to let her get away with the same crap she'd been pulling on him.

What's your story? Did you do something? Are you doing something right now?

Spill it!

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