This weekend in downtown Boise, one of my favorite celebrations will be taking place at the Basque Block. Growing up in Boise, especially within the Catholic school system, I came to know the community and culture quite well. Well enough to wish I was Basque!

The annual San Inazio festival kicks off tomorrow, July 28th and runs through Sunday evening. It's a celebration with drinks, GREAT food, live music, and more for the feast of Saint Ignatius of Loyola--the patron saint of the Basques. This celebration dates back more than 25 years for the Boise Basque community and thousands travel in to partake.

Saint Ignatius of Loyola, is also known for having started the Society of Jesus in the Roman Catholic Church--an order often referred to as "the Jesuits".  The Jesuits are who founded Gonzaga University, my alma mater--so I have a very special respect for Ignatius of Loyola and Ignatian spirituality.

You'll definitely find me on the Basque Block over the weekend and trust me when I tell you, the food that will be offered is unbelievably delicious. You should definitely take some time to stroll through.

You can find an entire list of events by clicking HERE.

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