Like Dj Khaled says, "Anotha One!!!!!" We have another Star Wars movie. I mean can we have too many Star Wars movies? Win tickets with us all weekend!

Let's talk to the busy people who aren't really following the Star Wars movie rollout. This is another way they make money off of us to see something revolving around the Star Wars franchise. This isn't the MAIN movie, but a prequel following a younger Han Solo. I mean, spoiler alert: Solo died in The Force Awakens. I'm still pissed about that!

Solo: A Star Wars Movie is about a young Han Solo and his adventures in the galaxy. This film is predicting to do around $150 million and will rival Rogue One. These are like placeholders until the next BIG Star Wars film comes out next year. I think if you're a Star Wars fan - you don't care. Gimme more movies as long as there are lightsabers and some mention of the dark side - we're all in!

Look who's NOT bringing her dragons to the galaxy, Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones will be in the new Star Wars movie.

FIJI Water With The Cinema Society Host A Screening Of "Solo: A Star Wars Story"
Getty Images for FIJI Water

Han Solo is friends with another man who just captivated pop culture news with his very controversial video, "This is America." Donald Glover, also known as, Childish Gambino will play Lando. No, that's not Danny Glover's (Lethal Weapon) son.

"Solo: A Star Wars Story" New York Premiere
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