Idaho, and specifically the Boise Area, is increasingly becoming more of a “food city” — so much so that Food & Wine actually named Boise one of America’s Next Great Food Cities for this year. “This new culinary capital can hold its own against northwest food hubs like Seattle and Portland.”

With the Warehouse Food Haul coming to Boise (20+ vendors and restaurants) and loads of other restaurants on the way — not to mention the plethora of existing restaurants already in the area — Boise being a food city is standing more and more true, and it’s definitely true with the news I have for you today...

Shaquille O’Neal’s Big Chicken food chain is coming to Boise!

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Idaho Statesman shared some words from Steve Christensen, a franchisee spearheading the move to Idaho...

“A former owner of multiple Five Guys franchises, Christensen said he saw Big Chicken as an attractive opportunity. “The Shaq thing is great, but if the food wasn’t good, we wouldn’t have gotten into it,” he said. “This is like the Five Guys quality of chicken sandwiches and tenders. The chicken tenders are better than Raising Cane’s. They’re less greasy, and there’s six sauce options.”

You heard the man! Big Chicken must be pretty good, and they’ll make a great addition the Boise Area.

First reported by Idaho Statesman, the restaurant is tentatively looking into Boise (Milwaukee Street) and hoping to expand to Meridian, Nampa, Twin Falls, Idaho Falls, and maybe even Pocatello. What I think is so cool is, to my knowledge, there aren’t a ton of locations for Big Chicken yet, and the fact they’re looking to begin seriously expanding by first coming to Boise is just awesome.

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