It's an untraditional love story that wasn't at all planned. Late Friday night, after a long talk about life, using influence for good and having a stable home full of love, support and constantly striving to make each other better - we are engaged. 

We met over two years ago and it was instant. I will be honest and say that I was not prepared. Everything was different.

Janice and I fell in love.

We, along with my 8 year old son, are a family. I wouldn't bring anyone into our little life if it wasn't serious. Almost two years later, we are all three a family.

Our engagement story is just as untraditional as our relationship - but perfect. The two of us were reflecting on using influence for good. We talked about our little family and how much love we have in our home. We talked about our future and what we wanted it to look like.

Then it happened.



J said that she had planned on doing this at a later time but didn't want to wait any longer to solidify our relationship and say that she chooses me from now until forever. She asked me to be her wife.

The two of us aren't moving quickly on a wedding. Instead, we are moving slowly and taking our time celebrating every single moment making sure everyone gets to enjoy the ride with us.

I will keep you in the loop as far as plans go, parties for charity and the wedding of all weddings. I mean, I'm a party planner and so is Janice Together, we hold ourselves to the highest standard than we probably should. Oh, this will be huge!

Wait...we should throw an engagement party with you!