The world celebrated and cringed as Donald Trump was officially named your President of the United States early Friday morning. Actor Shia LaBeouf/activist is leading an anti-Trump Livestream that is happening right now. No, literally right now. Check for yourself.

It became real after waking to witness President Donald Trump take control as the Commander in Chief early Friday morning. I haven't seen how people in the Treasure Valley are reacting but I know there is a woman's march happening Saturday at the Boise Capitol.

This will coincide with the march on Washington that is also happening. Meanwhile, Shia LaBeouf has set up a 24 Livestream will be operational for the next four years to protest Trump in the White House. Shia has been making a cameo all day chanting the phrase, "He will not divide us."



This is a social experiment that will be interesting to see how long people actually continue to participate. Wanna see the Livestream? Anti-Trump Livestream.

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