Some jobs require you to wear a shirt and tie. Other professions require you to wear a hardhat.

As far as we know, there aren't any jobs that require you to wear a tail to work, but could you get yourself in trouble if you do?

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Yes, there are some people who like to wear a tail. Why do some people enjoy wearing a tail? Per

“Tails” are a clothing accessory worn by those who identify with “furry” culture. Our tails are a form of expression, a way of saying “Hey, we’re furries and we’re proud. This tail represents my personality shape-wise and color-wise.


So, wearing a tail identifies you as a furry. Is that something that'd be acceptable in the workplace? Would it be any different that someone wearing a gay pride pin or a trans pride pin on their jacket? Is it considered freedom of speech, or does your boss have the right to tell you what you can and cannot wear while you're on the clock?

If nothing else, it'd definitely be a topic of discussion to see Susan from accounting walk into the office with a faux fur tail coming out of her slacks.

We all like Susan, and we wouldn't have a problem with it, but we do want to do you sit in a chair with that?

Unfortunately, we're too shy to ask Susan to find out.


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