From Ontario to Caldwell, Meridian to Boise--and soon Emmett--locally owned and operated Bluebird Express Car Wash has established themselves as the car wash authority in town. Voted time and time again as one of the best places to work in the entire State of Idaho--it's tough to not love this place!

After weeks of snow, slush, and who knows what else splashing all over the Treasure Valley floor, it's time to get your car washed ASAP and this local car wash wants to help you out.

Yes--you're entitled to one free wash from Bluebird and no--there isn't a catch.

Here's a look at locally owned and operated Bluebird Express Car Wash's locations!

Slush Be Gone: This Local Car Wash Is Offering Post-Snow Freebies

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Have you been to any of these locations before? 

Of course, to control the free-for-all mania that could take over city streets like an In-N-Out grand opening--there are some stipulations.

Have you been to Bluebird Express Car Wash before? That's fine! Have you entered your email address and phone number before? You may not get a code. The good folks at Bluebird have offered similar promotions in the past--so there's no double dipping.

If you've never signed up for such promotions with them, you can enter your information and you will receive the barcode for your free wash, instantly! We tried out the link for ourselves this afternoon and we had a free wash in our emails in just minutes.

After all of this snow, slush, and de-ice spray, there's nothing that your car will love more than a fresh paint job and a chance to look brand new again!

Sign up for the free wash, HERE

**Offer ends Tuesday, January 23rd **

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