UPDATE (8/17): A round of flirty social media exchanges has spilled over into real life — Zac and Simone have officially met. The actor surprised the five-time Olympic medalist on the set for an NBC show segment and left her completely speechless.

Oh, and Biles is now officially the most decorated American gymnast of all time HOW'S YOUR WEDNESDAY MORNING?!

ORIGINAL STORY: Well this is encouraging: All you have to do to win your celebrity crush's heart is earn a handful of Olympic gold medals and land the title of most dominant gymnast in history. Done by lunchtime!

Yesterday (August 11), 19-year-old Simone Biles added to her quickly expanding medals-collection with a first-place finish in the women's individual all-around event. She placed 2.1 points ahead of second-place after a commanding floor exercise routine — it was a wider margin than those from the last nine Olympics combined.

And the perfect complement to her new accolades? Longtime crush Zac Efron's attention.

Since the celebrity world took notice of Biles months ago, she's professed an undying love for Efron. She told Us Weekly she has a cardboard cutout of the actor that she routinely kisses on the cheek. Ellen Degeneres gave her a leotard decorated with Efron's face. And finally, Efron's noticed back.

"Congrats Simone! Can't wait to watch tonight," Efron wrote to a responsive "thanks so much! you're the best." And fans, who've been following Biles' quest for romance, immediately shipped the dream couple.

Efron and Sami Miro broke up in April. And as Biles noted to Degeneres, Miro has a history with gymnastics...meaning she's got a chance!


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