There's no denying that Idaho is full of small town charm, however it's also home to some dark moments in history. With news of actors Zac Efron and Lily Collins currently filming a chronicle of Ted Bundy's crimes ("Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile", release date unknown), there has been a lot of talk about Bundy's murderous spree in Idaho. But did you know that he wasn't the only serial killer to carry out gruesome acts in our state?

Here are six Idaho cities that experienced devastation in the wake of other notorious serial killers:



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    Twin Falls

    Home of Lyda Southard aka Lady Bluebeard, the country's first female serial killer. She is known for poisoning multiple spouses, a brother-in-law, and her own daughter to collect insurance money. She was imprisoned in Boise's Old Idaho State Penitentiary from which she escaped. She was caught and returned within a year.

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    Idaho Falls

    Home of Paul Ezra Rhoades who was executed in Boise in 2011 for the kidnapping and murders of Susan Michelbacher, Stacy Dawn Baldwin, and Nolan Haddon. On his death bed he only admitted to one of the killings.

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    The Snake River Killer haunted Lewiston in the late 1970s when human body parts showed up in the river. City authorities believe the same person killed Christina White, Kristin David, Kristina Nelson, Brandy Miller, and Steven Pearsall and nearly a dozen other disappearances coincide with the murders. The case still remains open today.

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    Home of Michael Braae aka Cowboy Mike or The Ladykiller, the lead suspect in a series of violent kidnappings, murders, shootings, and rapes in the 1990s. A large scale manhunt was issued for Braae across Idaho, Oregon, and Washington before he was caught in 2001.

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    Coeur d'Alene

    Joseph Edward Duncan III, responsible for the kidnappings of two children and murder of their family members was sentenced to death in 2008. He hid the children in the Montana wilderness for weeks before killing the boy and returning the girl back to Coeur d'Alene, where he was caught.

  • 6


    When Ted Bundy's killing spree spanning seven states hit the news in the early 1970s, communities all over America were shaken. Shortly before his execution in 1989, Bundy admitted to killing a Pocatello girl and a Boise hitchhiker adding two more names to his list of 30+ murders. Unfortunately the actual victim count is thought to be much higher.

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