I love love as much as the next girl. Relationships and falling in love and being in love and spending Valentines Day with the most important person in you life.. those are all beautiful things. But I'm single, and that doesn't make me bitter on Valentines Day. Not this year, not any year.

While Valentines Day is typically celebrated by people in relationships, the day really is about overall love. And not just those in relationships love people. Think about all of the people you love who aren't your significant other?

Hopefully you thought of yourself first. Your love for yourself should be above and beyond any other love you experience. You love your family. You love your friends. You (hopefully) love some of your colleagues.

So with those loves in mind, think of this day to celebrate and nurture those relationships. Treat yourself in some way. That doesn't have to mean something extra like a massage or shopping spree, it could be something simple like a pedicure, treating yourself to a fun lunch during your workday, grabbing yourself a pretty bouquet at Trader Joes on your way home or binge watching your favorite show tonight.

Tell the people you love in your life how you feel about them! If your family members and best friends are local and available, deliver cards and flowers and chocolate or just drop by to spend time together! If those special people aren't local, send them a text or shoot them a facetime to let them know you love and miss them!

I LOVE Valentines Day, or Galentines Day as I've been celebrating it for the past few years, and the majority of my family and friends are in Seattle. Last week I hand decorated Valentines cards and mailed them out to about 12 of my best friends, sisters, mom, Grandma, niece and nephews! It's an easy way to make someone's day and show them you're thinking of them.

There doesn't have to be a negative stigma attached to be single. Not on Valentines Day, not on any day. We can and should celebrate the love in our lives, especially in our platonic relationships.

Happy Galentines and Valentines, loves! XOX

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