Just a cup of hot chocolate will go toward fighting cancer if 6-year-old Taegan has anything to do with it. One small effort on a Saturday will make a difference in someone's life.

After hearing that 3-year-old Addie Abernathy's cancer diagnosis in December, Taegan wanted to do something about it. We're all a community when it comes to one of us being affected by anything - in this case, Taegan found a connection with 3-year-old Addie.

It turns out, Taegan's connection with Addie isn't far off. Follow us, here. Taegan's cousins go to school with Addie's brother. There is a connection and it was enough to send this project into overdrive.

On Saturday, Taegan Wardle had a fundraiser for cancer (as she says) and followed it up with "I feel good that I'm doing this".  There was hot cocoa with marshmallows available to anyone who would donate. If you want, Taegan would add a splash of cream. Just to thicken it up a bit.

On Saturday, during the two hours of Taegan being open (and selling that hot chocolate), she brought in $180 which was all donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.


"It makes me feel happy because we're kind of helping two people at once," said Kannon, Taegan's 9-year-old brother. "We're helping people with cancer and we're kind of helping them giving them hot chocolate."


I'm a fan of us all banding together and putting a hot chocolate stand together for Taegan so we can all try it out. As we all hear stories of those who could use our help (but never doing anything), we should just consider doing anything we can. In this case, serving hot chocolate is her thing.

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