At this point you may already be saying "No way those two places belong in the top 5". You're right those should not be the first two on the list.... JAVA should be in there... hahaha... before this turns into another argument I'm going to deliver what I promised which is the top 5 coffee houses according to so here is number 3... in no certain order.

Caffeina Roasting Company is located at 4774 W State St, Boise

What if…a brewery were a roastery? That’s the thinking behind this coffee shop from Boise coffee veterans Tammy Jenkins and her daughter Lyndsey Hopkins. Walking in, it’s a distinctly different feel from hyper-modern cafes: a large map covers one wall, there’s dark wood and color (mostly blue) all around the room, and big, comfortable chairs.

Though Caffeina roasts on-site on an Ozturk, offers multiple pour-over options, and makes its own cold brew, they also offer the full slate of coffeehouse classics, plus smoothies, beer, and wine—a far cry from the minimalism of many of the other newcomers to Boise. They also offer a full menu of toasts, breakfasts, and snacks

Push and Pour is located at 214 East 34th Street, Garden City.

Professional skater Lucas Erlebach wanted to open a skate shop in the area when he moved back up from San Francisco, but there was already a good one. So he did the next best thing: he opened a coffee shop in a low brick building—a former auto shop—serving up his favorite local coffee.

Espresso tampers have custom handles made from old skateboards, and murals feature, among other things, a skateboarding fish, giving the place the kind of whimsical and lighthearted feel the owner intended, but within the clean, elegant aesthetic one expects from most modern specialty cafes

Java is located at 223 N 6th St, Ste 110, Boise, ID 83702

Did I mention Java and their Mexican chocolate Mocha? How about the breakfast menu that will never disappoint or the awesome city views out of the tall windows. I love how they bring the outside in. The vibe is chill but not so hip that you feel like an outcast if your outfit doesn't scream hipster. Not only is this place cool, they have a cool slogan... JAVA - WAKE UP AND LIVE.

Whatever you prefer, get out and enjoy our fair city and all that it has to offer.

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