You've probably heard it before-- "Go Zags!"  If you're a basketball fan, you know it's in relation to Gonzaga University.

Gonzaga University. That's pronounced: "Gone-Zag (like zig-zag)- Uhh".

The mascot is a then what's a Zag?

Well, our friend Maggie O'Mara from KTVB is a Zag.  I'm a Zag. Deni Hawkins from KBOI is a Zag. Former Secretary of State of the State of Idaho Ben Ysursa is a Zag. Oh, and Big Crosby is a Zag, too.

In short, a "Zag" is a product of Gonzaga University--an unbelievable community of learners and believers that are studying or have studied at one of the highest regarded Jesuit Universities in the United States.  From the day you enter orientation at Gonzaga, you become a Zag--you're immersed into that amazing community.  Once you're in, you're a part of a family you never knew you had. Zags help Zags. Zags Hire Zags.  Zags fight to be the change they want to see in the world.

Gonzaga University takes on University of North Carolina in the National Championship today. A game we Zags never imagined we'd be in, but fight to be in every single year. For the last 18, to be exact.

Go. Zags.

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