Look, we live in meme culture now in 2021. Anything that's something is meme-worthy. Here are some of Boise's best memes!

Ok, this is sadly, embarrassingly true. As a 1A person myself, I must admit that if something dumb happens, it's likely a 1A plate. That said, there are more 1A plates than any others so pure math should be the reason why. For outsiders, the "1A", "2C" codes you see on license plates indicate which county a person lives in. 1A=Ada County, 2C=Canyon county, etc.

We've all been playing this game on a daily basis for the entire summer this year. Can we have one day with beautiful blue Idaho skies???

And on a weekend? Shame on you for even suggesting I get up early AND be active... Yeah, right!

Can we remember this when Halloween comes around again? Or, just get out of your car and walk, save everyone the heartache.

Fall is approaching quickly and this is so accurate... We'll all soon have to morph into our respective pumpkins.

That's true... If you're poppin' em' out, you're contributing to the problem. Not to be rude, but...

About that... How much are they paying the Dutch Bros crew to be THIS nice! And by the way, I don't think I'm outgoing enough NOR cool enough to interact with these kids.

Back when Tiger King was a thing... Caldwell is so accurate, it's scary. So is Emmett, so are all of them... Damn you, meme kings!

Honestly, I've been really good lately... Can I go to Goody's???

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