Over the weekend, our 103.5 KISS FM vehicle was hanging out around downtown Boise. With Humpin' Hannah's back open and patio season in its prime, we took the radio station to the streets this weekend. It's important that we get out into the community--it's what makes this radio station LOCAL and special. It's my favorite part of the job.

On Sunday morning when I returned to downtown Boise to pick up our KISS vehicle, I found some real lovely graffiti on the side of our truck. Neat.

May I rant? K, great.

We work really hard here at 103.5 KISS FM. We work hard in the office, on the air, and in the community to uphold what this brand stands for-- far beyond the music we're known for. Boise is my hometown just as it is the home of this radio frequency. We BRAG and LOVE being in this city. Our way and our quality of life is the envy of many cities in our region and our nation this size.

This said...why spray paint a radio stations vehicle? Why spray paint any private property? It's stupid.

Most of us around the station have from time to time had to chip in money from our own wallets to get neat things for the station or get a quick fix for some equiptment. What we do is a labor of love. I'll be paying for the cleaning of our truck out of my own pocket. I don't want our truck looking like trash.

Why? All because some persons child that acted--yes, like a child--decided to vandalize our radio station vehicle. I've seen the same at several bars downtown and once the bar is closed for the night, owners realize how much damage was done by spray paint.

It's dumb, pointless, and honestly just the principle angers me.

Whoever did this: grow up. Boise is better than this.

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