Turns out that sticky weed can translate into sticky fingers when it comes to 420 mile marker signs. Idaho has replaced the “stoner time” sign with 419.9. The sign can be seen just outside of Coeur d’Alene on US HWY 95. 

Fun fact of the day: most highways don’t go further than 400 miles, so it’s the only sign that’s been replaced by Idaho Transportation Department.

Washington and Colorado have already replaced their 420 mile markers with 419.9 signs after having them stolen multiple times.

No one really knows the exact reason that 420 is associated with marijuana culture but Concept420.com has some theories.

Police code? A group of Waldo’s? Hitler’s birthday? We’ll never truly know…

But we do know there isn’t a mile marker 420 sign in Idaho anymore.


Post via theeeeee Janice Morin.

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