I remember writing the article about Sweet Zola's candy shop a few years ago. I loved that this candy store employed so many of our special needs community. This is one of those special places that also felt the impact of COVID-19. The cute candy shop closed down after a few years of bright light on our community.

More of our community is getting vaccinated, businesses are back and so is Sweet Zola's. This year, 2021 will offer them a new location off Fairview in Boise and a new start.

Fun Fact: The store was named after owner Cyndy Radovich's daughter, Zola.

Candy for Inclusion is at the heading of their about section on the website.

Making the world sweeter through neurodiversity. We are a candy shop run by individuals with developmental disabilities. You can take a walk down memory lane in this old-fashioned candy shop and buy anything from fudge to popcorn.


Not only will you be greeted by the happiest and most amazing employees in town, but you will find your favorite childhood sweets...so come on down and see what all of the talk is about!

Sweet Zola's Candy Shop is employed by Idahoans with developmental disabilities and currently just raised $1,715 through Idaho Gives. That is just a testament to what our community is about, but Cyndy Radovich, the owner of Sweet Zola's Candy Shop, said they still have an uphill to climb.

I feel like I've let down my employees. The pandemic hit us, we had to move locations and now we're hoping for June opening in a new place. We still have a financial hill to climb. That said, I won't quit on my employees. I can't. This has to work.

Cyndy sold all the inventory when closing and now it's like starting over from start. She has to purchase all her inventory, hire employees and start all over. She isn't doing this to pay bills because she has another job. This is strictly for the love she has for our community and employees with developmental disabilities.

I hope writing this article might introduce you to a new location for your tasty needs. This is one of those moments that you pull together with all your friends and lift a hand. Cindy will be opening in the old Baskin Robbins location at 1770 E. Fairview Ave in Boise.

If you would like to help or donate to Sweet Zola's Candy Shop, follow the links below.

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