Spooky Season is always a fun one across the Treasure Valley. Staples like Harrison Boulevard and their big, loud decorations along with the Old Boise Penitentiary and its spooky hauntings are things that shape the month of October in the Treasure Valley.

On the ground, however, everyone enjoys their own special spooky season experience. Whether that leans more toward pumpkin patches and scare crows OR haunted houses followed by nights on the town...there's something for everyone.

On Friday night, the Treasure Valley was totally consumed by "Halloweekend" -- the multi-day celebration of Halloween that just never seems to end.

Our photographers set up & snapped pictures of some of the very best costumes in downtown Boise that night: 

Downtown Boise's Best Halloween Costumes

Here's a look at some of the costumes and characters that were running around downtown Boise!

Which of these fun costumes was your favorite? 

Not long ago, there as a nationwide petition to actually organize Halloween in order to avoid the awkward "week-long" celebrations. The petition gained hundreds of thousands of signatures to make Halloween fall on the final Saturday of October, every single year.

We aren't sure who the petition actually went to or who would make that big of a decision. The President? Congress? How about an Executive Order? Nonetheless, the petition did absolutely nothing except for make a few headlines and now, cities like Boise had Halloween parties that stretched across 6-days. Oh, the debauchery.

Did you miss the chance to dress up or totally "miss the mark" this year with your costume? Check out these great, totally Idaho inspired ideas, below:

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Boise's Best Pet Halloween Costumes

Is there anything more wholesome than pets in costumes? Thank you to all the fur moms and fur dads who sent these our way!

8 Popular Halloween Costume Ideas for Boise Kids

The hottest kids' costumes this year will be based on movies and video games, so you'll be seeing these at your doorstep on Sunday, October 31. Now, to decide what kind of candy to pass out...

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