As if the Boise River wasn't high enough already, the storm that knocked 103.5 KISS FM off the air Thursday evening added almost another inch to the already raging waters. 

According to Channel 2, the Boise River is at it's highest levels in the 35 year history of the USGS measuring flows at the Glenwood Bridge.  It could remain as high as 8,100 cfs for the next 60 days if Mother Nature doesn't have more precipitation in store.

Flooding has started taking its toll on several neighborhoods in Eagle.  With the river this high it's possible that the land around a privately-owned gravel pit near Eagle Island may sink, unleashing flood waters in the Two Rivers and Island Wood neighborhoods. If the land around the gravel pit does actually fall, the roads near it would be impassable.

Residents in those neighborhoods are encouraged to start protecting their properties and can get sandbags at Eagle Fire Station #1's parking lot near 966 Iron Eagle Dr.  There is a limit of 25 sandbags, but officials think that homes and buildings will be able to stand up against flood waters.  If you do live in the area, start planning to make arrangements for items like unused vehicles, lawn fertilizer, herbicides, propane tanks or lawn equipment.

According to a letter from the City of Eagle, residents should be prepared to evacuate the area quickly.  Packing a bag with essentials like a change of clothes, toothbrushes and other toiletries for every family member is a good idea.

To keep up with flooding conditions around Ada County click HERE. 

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