With weather in the 80s and no set date for this year's floating season, Treasure Valley residents are looking to cool off any way they can...but are they risking a ticket on those popular stand up paddleboards?

Ever since I got to demo one at The Harbour, I've eyeing the one that's on display for $299 at the Albertson's in my neighborhood. There are a few things keeping me from pulling the trigger on it. #1 I'm poor. I settled for the $10 inflatable pool flamingo instead. #2 Paddleboards have way different rules on Idaho waterways than I thought they did!

The state of Idaho considers paddleboards a boat if they're used outside of designated swimming or surfing areas. By definition, that means there needs to be a Coast Guard approved life jacket for each passenger and a whistle/ other noisemakers on board the paddleboard. Anyone under the age of 14 must wear that life jacket on a paddleboard measuring 19 feet or less. Failure to carry the proper safety equipment could cost you $99 if ticketed.

Since paddleboards are considered a boat, the must also have an Idaho Invasive Species sticker that starts at $7. The only way around that is if you're riding an inflatable SUP that's shorter than ten feet. Being caught without once may result in a $72 fine. Want to buy one? Find out where to buy one here!

Oh and of course, you can be arrested for a DUI on a paddleboard...so make smart decisions!

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