I met Chase the other night and he's a real star that I wanted to highlight.  While on the air for the late night shift, Chase came over and knocked on the studio door to say what's up. He had just gotten done playing basketball with his buddies and wanted to come out and cycle to break the cycle.  We talked for a while and I learned a lot about Chase and how strong of an individual he is.

Something set Chase apart from how I would have been at his age.  He told me after he and his friends were done playing basketball he tried to talk them into coming out and riding a bike with him. They wanted to go home and go to bed.  I don't blame his friends, but Chase wanted to come out and be a part of Live For 175 and it took courage for him to do that by himself.  When I was his age, I probably would have wanted to go home too, if I couldn't drag any of my guys out with me.

It seems like a small thing, but Chase coming out spoke volumes of his courage and I'd challenge anyone out there that has thought about riding, to just come on out.  We're here at The Village at Meridian and the environment is welcoming for everyone. There are great volunteers here to answer any questions and get you on a bike.  Especially during those late night and early morning hours, I would love to have you come join me!

To sign up to ride, just click HERE.

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