It doesn't take much to get the internet excited in the Treasure Valley. If you have spent any time on social media today, odds are you have already seen what we're about to share with you: that moon on Wednesday night, August 31st, was pretty big deal.

It was called a "Blue Moon" -- and they don't happen too often. We get one of these when there are TWO full moons in one single month.  It was just our luck that this second full moon, which took place on Wednesday night, August 31st, was also a 'super moon'--making it bigger and brighter than normal!

The last time that this happened was in 2018, so it has been a while. We should also note that if you missed it this week, it's going to be a while before you can catch something like this again--in fact, it won't be until 2037!

Let's take a look at this Boise Blue Moon!

Amazing Photos of Blue Moon Over Boise

We asked you all to share your photos with us--here's a look at what you might have missed if you didn't look up to the sky last night!

Did you get any cool photos of this spectacle in the sky? 

It doesn't matter how amazing the moon looks in person, it seems like you can never quite capture a decent photo of it from a device that will capture just how huge it looks! We have to say, however, these turned out pretty amazing!!

Here's a look at the skies from just over the weekend when a lightning storm left us in awe!

Storm Clouds & Rainbows Invade Boise During Storm

Thanks to so many in the community that either submitted photos or allowed us to use their photos for this storm recap! Take a look!

A Look at Boise's Crazy Rain & Lightning Storm

It didn't matter where you were in the Treasure Valley--this crazy storm hit your neighborhood. Here are some of our favorite user-submitted photos!

Stunning Images From Boise Lightning Storm Captured by Drone

When a lightning storm strikes Boise--your first instinct may not be to send up a drone. This Boise resident did, however--and we're so thankful!

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