I have a confession to make, history is my least favorite subject, I know that it is important to know history. They say that history repeats itself and if we're not aware of it we will continue the vicious cycle. As much as I agree with all of that... the presentation tends to be boring AF and it's easy to not care or be engaged by history books. I know these statements may come across bold and maybe even a bit ignorant but there is a reason I'm saying this. I am not alone... I'm one of the many Idahoans that has found a way to learn history in a fun, entertaining and educational manner. Can you say documentaries?

To say that I'm obsessed might be hyperbole but honestly it's not too far from the truth. The History Channel on YouTube has so many interesting and educational documentaries that MUST be accurate right? Why would we read history books when we can watch "7 Military gambles that changed the World" , "Top 8 Ancient Roman Technologies" or "10 Badass Warrior Women in History"?

According to a soaphub.com survey of 3000 adults 1 in 10 Idahoans admit to learning about history only from shows on streaming services like Netflix. This survey also revealed that half of adults admit to never reading history books. Additionally 55% think that historically based dramas should be advertised as fictional. The scary part of this scenario is that at this current rate people may soon believe that Game of Thrones actually happened. I love a good documentary but this seems to be getting a little out of hand.

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